"Finest servers in all of servers"
Handy Tip:
Admins have tags defining their status, so you can tell who's an admin.
The following tags are used:
As stated on our main page, we have an amazing "collection" of admins, who take their job seriously, atleast most of them :P
Apart from all our good admins, we have 4, who have been through with BloodRP since its beginning and have provided a very huge contribution into its success.

Unlike other servers, we do not ask people to pay to be admin, instead, we have the opposite. WE pay YOU to be admin, well, atleast all admins are rewarded based on their dedication towards the server for the month. 
So, if you would like to be admin, please do fill out the admin form which can be found on the main menu, or just click here: Admin Form
Attention loving fans, if you wish to contact us, or leave suggestions, the way to do that is using the proper forms. Please do not add our admins or the owner, just to pester them with your queries. Thank you!
This is how our admin levels are:

  • Owner
  • Superadmin
  • HeadAdmin
  • Admin
  • Moderator
Please do respect your seniors, because if you dont, well, dont ask for a position either.