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Please note, these are our admin level requirements:

  • We are looking for urgent admins who can be online at peak times.
  • A minimum requirement of atleast 10 hours on the server is mandatory for being an admin, please do not apply until you meet the above time.
  • You should be willing to idle in the server when it is empty.
  • You also need to have been playing on the server for atleast a week before applying, so we can consider your stats.
We are currently looking for admins, and please do not apply if you have only played once and don't bother to return, it just adds to the bulk of our tasks.
Thank you :3
Please enter the link to your steam profile so that we can add you if you are a prospective candidate.
We have need of admins/community players who help us by being in charge when needed, And in return, you shall be rewarded! However, if you cannot play on most days or at peak times, please do not fill out this form.


The two ways to ensure that you are recognised quickly by our admins!

1) Fill out this form with clear and correct details

2) Go to our forum , register and create a new topic under your name. This will allow us to easily chat with you without having to add everyone on steam, and will also also allow everyone to know you've appliedLINK
UPDATE: Please do not spam our admins and owner with friend requests if you wish to be admin, just join our new steam group, which is open to public.
Over there, you can leave your name and info in the discussions so that we can get back to you in group chat