"Finest servers in all of servers"
We are a growing group of servers, who wish to provide you with the best and only the best quality gaming servers where you can enjoy your playing time online.
Currently, we have two servers, both for garrysmod.

One is for the sandbox gamemode, where you can go build with absolutely no limitations, provided you stay within our rules and guidelines

Secondly we have a Trouble in terrorist town server, which by the way, was launched December 2014, and has shown immense success.
It has shot through ranks to compete with the best of servers, with over 20 players on most of the times

Owner Info:

Fire And Blood, with reference to Game Of Thrones, is the proud owner of these servers.
However, I would like to state, that these servers wouldn't have risen to the success they are now, without the help of a select few, who did an amazing job of being an admin, and pushing our servers to compete with others already in the market.

To know who these "heroes" are, please visit the admin section of this website!